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Who is Christine Lee Meeyong?



Christine Lee MEEYONG  is an eclectic composer, a musical poet, a multi-cultural artist born in US, raised in Korea, and currently based in Los Angeles. Christine Lee MEEYONG’s music is described as “bold and futuristic” with “strong rumbling in the lower registers alternated with softer stretches …with powerful electronic sounds that increases with great energy and dynamism …”(Sequenza 21). She composes for unlimited projects in concert music, film, game, visual media, and dance. Her music produces a surrealistic and ambient atmosphere while driven by high energy and rhythms with mixture of electronics.


As a truly eclectic composer, Christine Lee MEEYONG often invites artists, dancers, performers, or composers to collaborate on the process of creating. With a dancer/choreographer, Casey Avaunt, they developed a theatrical dance show “Human Noises” and later “Blue, Red, and Green” which is a substantial dance collaboration including Hyoin Jun as a choreographer employing  Christine Lee MEEYONG’s dissertation interest, music and color. The another collaborative work with a visual artist Katherine Guillen on white and black color, titled “Dark Matter”  was presented at Eureka, Musical Minds of California conference. Christine Lee MEEYONG has been commissioned to collaborate and compose original pieces including works for a saxophone player Drew Whitting to be premiered at the SPLICE 2017 music festival in June 2017, for choreographer Casey Avaunt to perform music for dance at Picker Arts Gallery of Colgate University in NY in March 2019 and for Korean ensemble PHASE to be premiered in Korea in Dec 2019. 


Additionally, Christine Lee MEEYONG is a producer and concert organizer who aims to support the SoCal musician community. She has prepared both large and small events both inside and outside pedagogical institutions, including Future Music Oregon, SEAMUS (the Society of Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States), and at an interdisciplinary performance space of the University of California, Riverside, ARTSBlock, Currently, she co-directs “Sound and Fury Concert Series,” a broadly eclectic classical music concert series designed to support emerging and accomplished composers from all over the world. (


After spending prolific time producing music in Korea, she has moved to pursue her music career in USA. She studied composition at a graduate program at University of Oregon (Intermedia Music Technology),focusing on electro-acoustic and live-interactive music with diverse programs such as Max/Msp, Kyma, and ProTools. During that time,  she was awarded with Graduate Teaching Fellowship and had an opportunity to work as a organizer of  Future Music Oregon and SEAMUS (Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States) program. Later, she continued perfecting her skills by obtaining a certificate from a Film Scoring program at University of California, Los Angeles Extension. She has worked on diverse projects including two computer game prototypes (Arena and Space Rumble), a student film, Late Ones and a documentary, Dosan Republic in Riverside. Recently, she received phD in Digital Composition at University of California, Riverside. There she enjoyed numerous opportunities to work with renowned composers and performers such as Tania León, Michael Daugherty, What’s Next ensemble, Friction string quartet, Mobius trio, Karl Larson, Varied trio, Panic Duo, Ogni Suono, Regina Schaffer, etc. Christine Lee Meeyong has received Chancellors’ Awards with stipend and worked as an associated instructor for Basic Musical Concept and a teaching assistant for classes such as Music theory and musicianship, Intro to Digital Music, etc. 


As a professional, classically trained pianist and keyboardist, she performs various styles of music such as rock, jazz, classical, electronic music, etc. She performed at high profile venues, festivals and TV shows on national broadcasts such as KBS, MBC, and SBS in Korea with a band "Wiretap In My Ear”, one of the most recognized indie bands in Korea.

Lately, Christine Lee MEEYONG performs her original compositions and collaborative pieces at different venues including House of Blues in Hollywood, Riverside Museum and Culver Center of the Arts in Riverside, Pasadena Conservatory of Music and Lineage Performing Arts Center in Pasadena, Art Share and Music@Mimoda in Los Angeles.

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